- Introducing
The Student Model

“Where the student is the focus in everything we do!”

Full Time Professors

Our professors, unlike other institutes, are committed to Agrawal alone – no other coaching class, school or college!

Innovative Teaching Methods

Novel concepts like the Dual Teaching Method, Specific Study Plans for each student and ample provision for self-study time.

Close Performance Monitoring

Through Proper Evaluation, Regular Counselling and Quarterly Reporting to Parents we make sure that we assess every student’s capabilities on a regular basis.

Progress Tracking

AGRAWAL ensures that every student’s progress is tracked using a feedback loop which also involves the parents.

Personalized Mentorship

Each professor will be assigned 10 students per batch. The mentor will regularly follow up with his or her mentees. Student – Specific mentorship will be provided.

Awesome Infrastructure

We believe that the student’s comfort is of prime importance to us.Our infrastructure includes : Pad Chairs, Qitaab, Ambience.


AGRAWAL is an organization co-founded by two engineers which aims at building a better India by providing high quality Education to the budding XI and XII science students of our country. The vision of the organization is to improve the quality of Education in our country.

  • Batch Size – 20 students
  • Full Time Faculty
  • Innovative Teaching
  • Specific Study Plans
  • Highly Qualified Professors
  • Regular Counselling
  • Dual Teaching Method
  • Quarterly Reporting to Parents

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