The major difference between Agrawal and other classes is the model of operation: Our Student Model v/s The Business Model. The main focus in everything we do is the STUDENT - be it our professors, their availability, our teaching methods, our administration, and our infrastructure. Everything is done keeping the student in mind. Besides that, the following will surely help you get convinced about why you should choose Agrawal for your child.
Since we ourselves are from an engineering & medical background and have studied in Mumbai's Top Colleges, we know how to get there very well. You will not find this in any other coaching classes - most of the professors haven't even given the exams and their lack of experience in the actual preparation of those exams results in lack of proper guidance. However, since we have followed the same path that your child wishes to follow, we believe that we are best equipped to provide your child with the right guidance and training to crack the engineering/medical entrance exams and help them get admission in Mumbai's top engineering colleges and also be their mentor for life as well. Our Unique Student Model is a student-centric approach which has quite a few testimonials. This will ensure your child's success with us.
Our specialization lies in gaining admission into the Top engineering colleges in Mumbai and Maharashtra. Hence, right now we are ONLY providing coaching for MHT-CET & JEE Mains which will help the students gain admission in these colleges.
Generally coaching classes give scholarships to students getting a higher percentage in their 10th STD Board exams. This is done to attract above average students to take admission in their classes. Special attention is given to them, special batches may be created but in the bargain, the other students are neglected. We believe that we need to invest our time and our effort in each and every student - whether he or she be above average, average or below average. Our teaching methods are Improvement Based i.e. we will help students who average 60% to get 80% but at the same time, we will also focus on students who get 90% to get that additional 5 percent to get 95%. In this way, we ensure that no student is neglected. Due to the above reasons, we provide no scholarship or fee discounts on the basis of merit. However, we do offer discounts through our referral scheme and early bird offers. Please visit the premises to know more about them.
The completion of the portion is dependent on the students' level of understanding of the concepts especially the difficult concepts. Our portion will NOT be declared complete until each and every student has confirmed that they have understood the concepts thoroughly. If not, then doubt solving sessions and repeat lectures will be held accordingly. Even then, our time table is designed in a well - thought and planned manner so as to leave ample time for self-study.
During the course, there will be a weekly test on each subject i.e. Physics, Chemistry & Biology of 35 marks and Maths of 40 marks. These tests are called the "100% Test" which will test ALL the concepts of the student for that particular chapter. Thereafter, there will be a "COMBO Test" which will have multiple chapters. This test acts as the first revision. Once the entire portion is complete, there will be a comprehensive period where 5 FULL PRELIMS will be held. Also, we introduce B.E.S.T (Board Exam Simulation Test) during this period.
The maximum batch size is of 20 students. We believe in a small batch size because each and every student gets the attention he or she requires. In a large batch setup, certain students feel less confident and scared to ask questions fearing ridicule from their classmates. However, in a small batch setup like ours, every student can feel confident enough and can voice his or her doubts freely. Scientifically also it has been proven that a batch of around 20 students is very conducive to learning.