Do you give any scholarships or fee discount based on Merit

Generally coaching classes give scholarships to students getting a higher percentage in their 10th STD Board exams. This is done to attract above average students to take admission in their classes. Special attention is given to them, special batches may be created but in the bargain, the other students are neglected. We believe that we need to invest our time and our effort in each and every student – whether he or she be above average, average or below average. Our teaching methods are Improvement Based i.e. we will help students who average 60% to get 80% but at the same time, we will also focus on students who get 90% to get that additional 5 percent to get 95%. In this way, we ensure that no student is neglected.
Due to the above reasons, we provide no scholarship or fee discounts on the basis of merit. However, we do offer discounts through our referral scheme and early bird offers. Please visit the premises to know more about them.