Progess Tracking

Progress is what happens when impossibility yields to necessity.

Progress Tracking plays a very key role in assessing a student’s abilities and also to identify areas of improvement and help the student work upon them. However, in most institutes this is not taken very seriously.

The following pattern is observed :

  • Numerous Tests taken one after the other.
  • After results are shared there is no follow up.
  • No guidance is provided to show the student what are their weak/strong areas.
  • Corrections of the papers are outsourced to other unqualified temporary staff.
  • Professors are not involved in the evaluation process.

AGRAWAL NEXT ensures that every student’s progress is tracked using a feedback loop which also involves the parents. Agrawal’s Progress Tracking has 3 main gears :

  • Regular Counselling
  • Proper Evaluation
  • Quarterly Reporting to Parents